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The material provided here is for The Conversation's member universities, with guidance for academics interested in writing for The Conversation and for university communications teams. For access to the downloads, academics from member universities can contact their university press office, or email the membership team.

For academics: writing for the public   Back to Top

Our editors provide training workshops for academics to help them understand how to approach writing for non-specialist audiences. Available here are slides used in the sessions. The different versions contain examples relevant to each field, but are otherwise the same.

The handout is recommended reading for all, offering further advice about writing and pitching.

(version 2023.5)

Taking research beyond researchers: handout

Taking research beyond researchers: science

Taking research beyond researchers: health

Taking research beyond researchers: environment

Taking research beyond researchers: social sciences

Taking research beyond researchers: arts and humanities

Taking research beyond researchers: mixed

For communications teams: guides   Back to Top

These short guides are for communications teams or other professional staff at universities that work directly with The Conversation.

If you are wondering how to use the analytics dashboards, what to do with the expert request, what our media training involves or other membership benefits, the following guides will answer your questions. If there's anything not covered here or if you've any other query, please get in touch.

(version 2022.1)

1. Membership benefits

2. How we work, how to work with us

3. Editor-led training sessions

4. Using the analytics dashboard